Skin Cancer Screening

If you are worried about any moles, lumps or bumps, or sun damage, we have clinicians who are experts in diagnosing skin cancer. We are all increasingly aware of the risks posed by sun damage to the skin and the need to protect our skin in day to day life. However, statistically, skin cancers are on the rise, with Cancer Research recently highlighting a tripling in the incidence of malignant melanomas amongst 18-34 year olds. Experts recommend that we should all have regular mole checks to identify and if necessary remove any suspicious moles.

Skin cancer screening is a visual exam of the skin (with or without dermoscpe) for moles, birthmarks, or other marks that are unusual in colour, size, shape, or texture.

The ABCDE (Asimmetry, Border, Colour, Diameter, Elevation/Evolveving) rules can be used when performing self-skin check. Certain signs are able to be detected by deeper examination using dermoscope.

Dermoscopy can help finding skin cancer in its earlier stages when it is easier to treat. Our dermatologist will perform a thorough skin screening and look for the suspicious mole/ lesion.

What happen when there is suspicious lesion?

  1. Our dermatologist will perform a skin biopsy and send the skin specimen to the pathologist.


  1. The suspicious lesion will be monitored in certain period of time.

Why do I need to do skin cancer screening?

  1. Light skin tone
  2. Blonde or red hair
  3. Light coloured eyes (blue or green)
  4. Skin that burns and/or freckles easily
  5. History of sunburns
  6. Family and/or personal history of skin cancer
  7. Frequent sun exposure
  8. Large number of moles
  9. Fast-growing moles
  10. Easy to bleed moles
  11. Shiny pink to red bump

Do I need to prepare myself before check up?

Yes, you should not wear make up or nail polish.

Make sure you hair loose, so it is easier for our dermatologist to examint the scalp.

Other than that, no special preparation needed.

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